How a passion became a tradition.

For years, Didier Denolf, his son and brother-in-law Dirk have been building on a rich tradition started by Michel Denolf in 1963.

The values on which the company were founded, are still valid today, furniture should be durable enough to last for generations and should be manufactured with an eye for detail and a profound knowledge of the trade.

With this idea in mind, the team creates furniture everyday that reflect both passion and tradition.

Craftsmanship and quality.

In a world where synthetic material makes up most of our interiors, one must learn to discern true quality.

That is why the craft of carpentry and furniture making is valued above all at Michel Denolf. Not only an emphasis on the finishing touches is part of that, but a careful selection of materials is crucial. The past few decades, more and more furniture made from inferior types of wood are introduced in our markets as being French oak. Yet, none of these equal the robust quality of the authentic material.

The same goes for synthetic leather; for decades, the texture and flexibility have been tried to be emulated, but no man-made material comes close to the natural product. Furniture made from French oak, marble, leather or bronze is still the most durable way to decorate your interior.

Materials are carefully selected for quality and manufactured with passion in our workshop in Eernegem.

We take pride in the fact that every element of production happens in Belgium. Michel Denolf furniture is made locally with expertise spanning 3 generations.

French Oak

Massive French oak has a reputation as solid as its wood. It counts are one of the strongest types of hardwood timber.

Visible nodes, minute inconsistencies along the surface and tiny ruptures are considered decorative elements. Within a single piece of oak, differences in terms of colour and structure can be discerned. This lends every piece of furniture made from French oak a unique and elegant character.


Wood lives, even after having been processed as furniture.

In order to preserve the original state of your furniture, it is advised to keep the following in mind.

  • Central or continuous heating can cause oak to dry out. This in turn will result in shrinking, causing the surface to bend over time. Then again, excessive humidity makes wood swell. To prevent this, try and keep humidity in the room between 50 and 60%. Use house plants and humidifiers to regulate the room’s climate.
  • Do not place heated or metal objects in direct contact with the surface. Use coasters.
  • Remove stains with a cloth right after spilling a fluid. Beware of vases containing water. Due to condensation, circles with start to form in the surface of your dresser in a matter of days. These will be hard to get rid of.